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QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks training with Chavez and Associates is designed to be one one one, using your files and working on your specific QuickBooks questions.  This enables you to get the most out of your QuickBooks software.

We can help you create a company file, keep track of your payables and receivables, pay bills and issue checks, reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards, and even plan your business’s budgeting and forecasting.

We provide the guidance - you provide the work, and together we will make sure you understand how to make QuickBooks accounting software work for your business.


STOP wasting time trying to figure out QuickBooks - start getting fast, accurate, usable information for your business.  Small mistakes lead to larger mistakes.  Decisions become based on hope rather than fact.  Don’t risk bad business decisions because of inaccurate financial information.

It is hard to stop and make time for training, but there are rewards to taking the extra time.  Your employee feels more empowered and becomes more valuable once the new skill has been mastered.

We will customize our services to meet your business needs with accurate and professional services.

Train, Train, Train...

QuickBooks can only be as good as the knowledge of the person using it.  Using accounting software is a critical function of your business.  It interfaces with your bookkeepers, accountants, insurance needs, business management for you and the rest of your staff.  It is necessary to grow and be successful.  Why would you put an inexperienced person behind the wheel.  Chavez and Associates, LLC provides full service training at your location.

We can help implement, install, set-up and train you and your staff. We analyze your business needs and help you choose the right product.  The greatest thing about our service is that we are there for you as long as you need us.  We just don’t install and walk away, we don’t train and then go away.  We are local, we are certified experts to give you all of the support you need.

If you are an existing user, let us evaluate your set up and version.  Let us help you maximize the use of the software.  If not advanced in the functionality of the product for a small investment you can utilize QuickBooks to save you money in other areas such as time efficiency, accurate reporting, and most importantly, cash management.