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Personal Bookkeeper

Since we have been providing exceptional bookkeeping services for small businesses, we have come across several incidents where business owners, hard working families, seniors, and busy executives have requested our services on an individual basis. Since every individual is different, we can tailor this service to our clients needs.  Some clients have a very hard time handling their finances at home because they spend all of their time on the business.  This is an example of an ideal candidate who could benefit from our professional bookkeeper’s experience.  We dedicate our time to making sure your personal finances are in order.  Some of the typical services that can be provided are:

Let us bring our many years of experience with bookkeeping and taxes to your personal financial world.

Many people find it’s worth the cost to have an expert take care of financial matters while they pursue things of more interest to them.

We save you the headache and hassle by handling it for you!

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One of the best ways to manage your finances effectively is by developing a household budget that works.  Far too often, people wait until they are in financial trouble before they start thinking about budgeting.  A job layoff or large unplanned expense can devastate your financial security but establishing and maintaining a household budget will help.

Trust Chavez and Associates, LLC for confidential, one-on-one budgeting advice that will provide you with peace of mind.

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